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“Easily break bad habits like smoking, drinking or nail biting, or build positive habits like fitness, meditation or reading”

Every Feature You’ve Ever Wanted

We listen to your feedback and integrate feature requests on a regular basis. HabitBull is not only built by us, but by the whole HabitBull community!

habitbull community

Great Community

Talk to like-minded people on our specialized discussion forums and get motivated!

habitbull reminders

Get Reminded

Our powerful and flexible reminders make it extremely easy to start a new habit!

habitbull export

Own Your Data

Do you like fiddling with data and creating graphs? Easily export your data in CSV format!

habitbull widgets

Multiple Widgets

Quickly input data from your homescreen using our Android widgets

habitbull premium

Extremely Powerful

Create any type of goal. Do 50 pushups every Monday and Friday? Check. Study Spanish for twenty minutes at least 3x per week? Check.

habitbull track

Graphs, Graphs, Graphs

Check and explore your data using our in-depth analytics tools

habitbull cloud

Cloud Data

All your data is safely stored in the cloud so you won’t ever lose it, even when you get a new phone

habitbull sync

Multi-device Syncing

Want to use HabitBull on your phone and tablet? No problem, you can sync between devices with the push of a button!

But There’s More…

  • Easy Setup

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • Track Up To 100 Habits

  • Each Habit Has Its Own Calendar

  • Motivational Images

  • Based On Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret

  • Based On “The Power Of Habit”

  • So.. It Actually Works!

  • Real Advice & Inspiring Quotes

  • Constant Updates & New Features

  • Perfect For Quantified Selfers

  • No Ads!

  • Add Comments For Each Day

  • Teach Yourself To Have A Routine

  • Problem? Just Email Us!

We Love our Users, And They Love Us.

With over 300,000 downloads and counting, you cannot go wrong with HabitBull. Check out what our users are saying about us!

“A Game Changer!”

“It’s huge! No matter what, I won’t break the chain. This is a life changing app.”

Get it. Best tracker I’ve had the pleasure of using. Clean UI, excellent features, and very helpful. Take control of your life. Stop leveling up that character from that other app and start leveling up yourself.
Simply wonderful! This app lets me organize and track any aspect of my life that I want. Great for fitness, quitting smoking, staying positive, getting 8 hours of sleep, etc. I recommend this to everyone!
Finally decent habit app for Android Habit tracking apps are one of the few areas where android apps lag behind apple. This app finally offers many of the features such as calendar view and more control over repeating habits that are missing from other apps.
Reprograms habits fast This is the app for making new habits stick. Easy to start with and super fast to update daily. Clean interface with the right number of options without being cluttered. I vote this the number 1 life changing app I have ever used. Our lives are the result of our habits..and HabitBull gets us on the right track in a fun engaging way. I suggest starting with two habits with “using HabitBull” one of them. Go about two or three weeks and then add two more..after 6 weeks, load them up! I now track 8 habits.
Helped me more than any other app! I love it: Clean design, motivating and very flexible in tracking your different habits. This is the first app that got me to actually not just give up, and the daily changing reminders are a nice touch. You have many different options for the pattern of your habits, unlike everything I have seen implemented before.

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