These Three Mini Habits Will Make Your Day Infinitely Better

By |November 4th, 2014|habit formation|6 Comments

I’m bad at keeping up with my daily tasks. I have about 18 things I want to track and it’s a mess. Goes alright for a few weeks, then inevitably it all comes crumbling down.

I can imagine loads of people have the same feeling. It can be overwhelming. That’s where mini habits come to the rescue!

Mini habits are easy. They’re so ridiculously small it’s almost impossible not to do them. They typically take less than 2 minutes to complete.

Here are my personal favorites:

The “How are you so energetic, it’s only 8AM!” habit

Every morning, straight after rolling out of bed, do 3 pushups, or however many you need to get your heart rate slightly raised.

This is much more effective than your morning coffee. You’ll have a small win to kick-start your day, and on top of that you feel more energetic.

Whenever I do sports in the morning, I know that day is going to be a big WIN. I don’t know whether I have cause and effect mixed up, but still 🙂

The “Wow, you’re such a social butterfly” habit

You remember all those friends from high school? The ones you’ve been meaning to contact for the last 7 years? Friends come and go, but if you never take initiative, more will go.

An easy solution for the more introverted among us (including yours truly): send a message (text, Facebook, whatsapp, whatever) to one person you’ve been meaning to talk to for a while. This sounds like it’s complete bullshit, but it makes a huge difference in the long run.

The “Are you a rocket scientist?” habit

I want to read more. I say I want to read more. But I never actually do it. The act of actually picking up that book and starting to read just seems so… daunting. There’s always more important things to do.

The trick is to make the goal so absurdly small that it becomes easy. Pick up a book and read 2 pages per day. If you do just that, you win.

For most of us, these are starting points. They naturally make you want to do more. If you just start now and do these three habits for one full year, I can guarantee you’re going to be a full-blown fitness addict with a huge social circle reading one book a week!

Oh and by the way, HabitBull is perfect for tracking these kinds of habits 😉